The Enschede Brandchecklist!

We’re passionate about Enschede, and we’re not a bit afraid to show it. We do this with a shared vision, clear goal and brand values that fit Enschede like a glove.  We are responsible for promoting the city’s brand together. We all have the freedom to use the city logo in our own way, and to apply it creatively. Together we will define Enschede.

By all promoting the same Enschede message, we can ensure even more familiarity and recognition. That's why we’ve come up with the Enschede Brand Checklist. After all, the more you know about the city's vision and message, the better you can put it to use.


Technology, Innovation, Creativity (TIC): we firmly believe that Enschede occupies a unique position with regard to these three defining themes. That's why TIC is the foundation of everything we do and everything we’re good at. However, what truly sets Enschede apart is how we combine TIC with a human touch and our quintessential Enschede mentality.

If you can tick off at least one of the following, you’re well on the way to being On Brand.

Enschede is a fantastic city to do business and study, and there’s no place better to enjoy life and have a good time, either. Our Enschede mentality and human touch have no small role to play in this and are reflected in our brand values.


Our brand values are the key (emotional) values that make Enschede what it is. As such, they define the Enschede mentality and are tangible and visible everywhere you go in the city. They also shape the way we communicate. Are you and your company, event or message in sync with the following values?

If you can tick off at least two, you’re well on your way to being On Brand.


Goals And Targets

All cities have goals, and Enschede is no exception. Why not let us know how you contribute to these goals?

We’re working on creating a clear and distinctive image for our city. What part are you playing?



Our city never ever stands still, which is why Enschede's economy has grown considerably in recent years.

What role have you played in this?



Have you incorporated 'Enschede' into your brand, project name, event, hashtags or even into your organisation’s name?



We challenge you to find a creative way to use the city’s logo creatively in your communications, your offices, or at your event.

The more boxes you can check, the better On Brand you are. Great! If not, why not take another look at the checklist and the brand story for some inspiration. To find out more, get in touch!